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廖秀梅 Liao Hsiu-Mei


高山精靈 The elves who live in the high mountains

高山精靈 The elves who live in the high mountains



複合媒材 Mixed-media Print

2013-2015中華民國版畫學會文書部委員Clerical member of Taiwan Socity of Printmaking
友點子版畫工作室成員Member of of IDEAS print studio
艸執云畫會成員Member of of Art Creation Society
國民小學藝術教師Art teacher at Elementary school
清圍兒童美術工作室美術老師Art teacher of Easy draw Children's art studio
2016 “TAIWAN & MEXICO international printmaking exhibition“, Exhibited at Cheng Shiu University, Republic of China (Taiwan).Exhibited at Universidad Autónoma de Occidente,Mexico.
2017~2018「匯流 : 臺美國際版畫交流展」;南卡萊納州,美國;二空間藝廊,台北市,台灣;嘉義鐵道藝術村,嘉義市,台灣。
2017~2018”Confluence : International Print Exchange”.Exhibited at Contemporary Print Collective, South Carolina, USA.Exhibited at SPACE TWO and Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse, Republic of China (Taiwan).
2018「自然 : 臺灣R.O.C.-西班牙-古巴 版畫交流展」,馬德里奧蘇納美術館,西班牙。
2018“NATURALEZA Exposicion colectiva internacional de grabado”, Museo de Osuna,Madrid,Spain.
2018~2019「行.詩 : 臺加詩畫藝術聯展」,多倫多大學Robarts圖書館,鄭裕東東亞圖書館,加拿大。嘉義縣文化集會所,嘉義縣,台灣。
2018~2019”Line & Verse: A Visual Exploration of Poetry between Canada and Taiwan”.
Exhibited at John P.Robarts Research Library,Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, Canada. Exhibited at Chiayi - Government Organization, Chiayi Country,Republic of China (Taiwan).
2019”1st and 2nd Ulsan Asia Print Exhibition”, Exhibited at Gada Gallery and Laon Gallery and Ryu Gallery, Ulsan, Korea.
2011 台中市第16屆大墩美展版畫入選
2014 the 16th DADUN Fine arts Exhibition of Taichung City, Taiwan. The Honorable Mention of Printmaking.
2012 格列佛藝廊典藏作品《相機女孩》、《電動女孩》。
2012 The works “Photogr aphy is the focus of this girl's life”and “Electrice toys are this girl's playmats”are collected by Gulliver Gallery.
2013 中原大學藝術中心典藏作品《滑機女孩》。
2013 The work “Smart Phone is the girl's life revolves”is collected by CYCU Art Center.
2014 新北市第21屆國際藏書票優選
2014 21th Internation EX-LIBRIS Exhibition of New Taipei City, Taiwan. the High Distinction Award.
The work“See the invisible”is collected by Cheng Shiu University office of arts and culture.

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