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遠藤美香 Mika ENDO



Paving stones



wood cut print

1984. Born in Shizuoka, Japan
2007 B.A Department of Fine Arts, Printmaking Course, Nihon University College of Art Tokyo
2009 M.A Department of Fine Arts, Oil Painting and Printmaking Course, Aichi University of the Arts, Aichi

2019 Solo Exhibitions Gallery Natsuka b.p, Tokyo
2019 The Way of Paintings 2019 Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art,
2014 International Mokuhanga Conference 2014: Special Exhibition"Mokuhan
Zomeki" ー What happened in Japan? The University Art Museum, Tokyo University
of the Arts
2012 “Best Selection 2012” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

2016 “Sompo Japan Art Award Exhibiton -Frontier Artists Contest Exhibition- Grand Prize
2014 “The 14th Sumio Kawakami Exhibition of Print” Grand Prize
2011 “Shell Art Award 2011” Kunio Motoe Encouragement Prize
2009 “The 1st Memorial of Aoki Shigeru Nishinippon Art Exhibition” Ishibashi
Museum of Art Prize
2007 “The 4th Memorial of Shiko Munakata Print Exhibition” Grand Prize

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