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內田佳江 Yoshie UCHIDA



追憶 冬から春へ Recollection (from winter to spring)



Woodblock and silkscreen collagraph

1983 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design (Japan)
2009-10 Visiting Artist at University of Calgary (Canada)
2010 Studied in New York on a grant from Agency from cultural affairs of Japanese Government Menber of the Japan Print Association
Exhibitions: 5 No more than 5 articles
2013 Contemporary Print Canada/US/Japan (Southern Oregon /Yokohama/Tokyo/Nagasaki) 2014 International Biennial Print Exhibition ROC(Taiwan)
2016 Art Exhibition-Kakejyuku(France/Taiwan/Tokyo)
2019 Solo Exhibition (Mexco/Tokyo/Yokohama)
2020 Taiwan・ Japan・ US ・Korea ・Creation Exchange Exhibition(Taiwan)
Awards: 5 No more than 5 articles
1993 Kanagawa prefecture's Art Exhibition [Kanagawa prize] (Kanagawa, Japan) 1996 Shunyo Art Exhibition [Syunyo-kai prize,Incentive Award in 93,94] 2016 Shunyo Art Exhibition [Oka Shikanosuke prize]

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